Two sessions at Zach Lovely’s Union Press/Steel Gallery/Juggernaut mini ramp – one of which was a contest. Wyke and Zach talk gambling and old skate crews and Dsodean rocks the house before the ramp gets destroyed by Tom Wyker himself, Kyle Shifflett, Ryan Pearce, Josh White, Jesse Doan, Nick Owen, Tyler Crane, Gordon Durlin, Ben Hlavaceck, Wyatt Xavier, Anonda Messina, Richie Wolfe, Jeremy Patton, Justin Sears, and more.


Full disclosure: I skate and kick it with Sean Malto as much as I can. He holds the title as the nicest dude in skateboarding and lives up to it. We wear the same size shoes and clothes and he has HOOKED me up. So if you think he paid to have me say that his part is unbelievable and the best one in the video, well, he has. Paid in full. Buy the video and tell me I’m lying.

…And I’ll punch you in the face.

Pretty Sweet starts out like all the Girl films of the past and I looked forward to the SHT sound logo like I used to look forward to the ripper laugh. Zany intro that makes it more of a full feature than a skate video. A new formula to make you buy the DVD instead of watching it part by part, you tug.
Vincent Alvarez starts out with a 3(!) song part that again puts all past skate part formulas in the waste basket. After that part you kind of know this is going to be a passing of the torch type mantra going.

Next up is I forgot. Buy the DVD and find out, then write a better review.

After that is Elijah Berle, Raven Tershy, Stevie Perez, Olson, MikeMo, Full Parts. Have you figured out who had the second part yet? (Corey Kennedy maybe?) Throughout the vid, the legends of Girl/Chocolate share parts together and the new guys have full parts.

And the last full (solo) part is the one and only Sean “No Alto” Malto. If there is ONE person who thinks anything he did was easy, I’ll buy you a plane ticket and let you sleep on my couch. Come out to any of the spots. Also I know Sean just started wearing Nikes in January of this year. 11 months. Yeah. All that shit was just done. Brand new! What have you done this year? Probably some cool stuff, and I know this because you read Wyke-a-pediA, but c’mon. Malto straight up broke barriers.
You’ll see.
You know already who comes up next, Thanks Twitter! You fucking fuck.
[DISCLAIMER: Wyker is obviously upset about the leak of Guy’s last trick]
The credits again change the normalcy of skate videos and I’m not going to ruin it for you. Just like how I haven’t talked about Jack Black or Will Arnett.
So there you go. Verdict: Pretty Sweet!


Austin and Jake. Jake is an awesome photographer and he is so hyped on my camera choice.

Here is my boy Micah from Minnesota. He drove down with no ticket, but Malto is the man and got him one! For erryone who didn’t show – kick yourselves.

Ryan Lovell and new blood Jesse Doan. Game of skate for Escapist TM happening this week. If I beat Lovell then I’ll take the reigns (Missouri only).

This pic has it all. The Man of the hour, RP throwing horns, and Max checking to see when Skyfall is showing next.

Big E and Malto. These dudes are the forefront of the way skateboarding is going to be. Note to readers… be hyped on the tricks you are working on. It makes you happy and your friends happy to see it.

RP dropped acid for the premier and it showed up on film. Whooaa. Trippy.

Ropo Joe. Why the fuck not? That dude is seriously photogenic.

Malto signing a lucky kids something or other. That happens all the time in KC. What doesn’t is a shout out to the single man who kept skater owned and operated shop alive here. Dan “The Man” Askew in the background. Thank you for all the sweet skateboard shit for the past 12 years.

It was a night of romance. Team Dutzel w hater Nick O. and his cupcake Nicky.

Double exposure with Jesse Doan.

These two dudes have so much in common. One is being the most humble, down to earth dudes. Another is they represent such an exemplary style of trickboarding. I’ll let you decide who’s who.

“Awebo” = yes or idiot. “Bien chingon” means fucking good. Wyke-a-pediA… the answer that doesn’t wait around for the question.

-Tom Wyker from a facebook response to the BLOOD AND YELLOW article
Photo: Dan Askew


For the record, Wyke claims he yelled “Kiss the person standing next to you,” not “kill” them.  Don’t know if I buy that!



A proper Wyke-Tail at his stomping grounds of Pleasant Valley. Photo: Joey Henry


“Foot: the part of your body that pushes a skateboard.

Age: the amount of time an object has been on earth.

Example – this Chris Benge FOOTAGE is timeless:”   – Tom Wyker


“The skateboard term of a “mayday” is a stationary five-o to fakie.  On the calendar, May 1st is known as May Day.  You got frontside half-cab maydays on May Day 2012? Super hyped on ya!” – Tom Wyker

Wyke-a-pedia, an introduction to the blog…

…Or how to hate friends and be under the influence of people.

Great ideas rarely come from sporadic conversations with your good buddy who’s been drinking all weekend and may have a little head trauma after being headlocked and dropped to the floor by a 90 pound woman the night before.  Aside from John Belushi talking Dan Akroyd into The Blues Brothers after a coke bender in south-side Chicago, I don’t think there has been a better brainchild from a hungover short man with the nickname of Heeeps Ramon.

This is Wyke-a-pedia, my take on the goings-on and A.B.D.’s from the skateboard world, as I wish to remember them, from around 1988 until now.

Whatever happened to the handrails at barney and what was the best trick done on them?

Ask Wyke-a-pedia!!!

Besides Andy Braman (BlockHead), were there any other big names in skateboarding from here besides Sean Malto?

Ask Wyke-a-pedia!!!!

I found a box of dental dams in my Mom’s bathroom and was wondering what they were used for?

Ask Wyke-a-pedia!!!!!

Besides answering your questions when I get around to it, I’ll be putting up columns randomly to talk about whatever I feel is important at that time.  Future titles include:

Tyshuan Johnson: The last of the great Mid-Town skaters.

Dude, he moved out of midtown in 2003!

Wyke’s Vs. Mike’s: Why I’m bitter… better! I meant better.

Fuck you Michael Sieben, Mikey Taylor, and Sean Michael Malto!

Kansas Wasteland: a look at the most boring sites.

The whole fucking state!

A big thanks to JP Redmon for giving me this time-consuming responsibility, as the program I’m in says: “Idle hands are the devil’s plaything.”

So keep me busy with your questions, feedback, and other bullshit.

My sobriety depends on you.