Brent’s sick, man. He’s got that control.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Did he get kicked off Beer City for showing up to shoot an ad while drinking, or was it because he punched out Duane Peters? Regardless, this part is a fucking CLASSIC. Skating to “Wheelchair Epidemic” by The Jesus Lizard (a live version nonetheless – fucking raw), he cruises through Barney Allis Plaza in a way that most kids have forgotten about. With style for miles and lines for days mixing the old and new school, Benge delivers sweetly… DEEP IN 816 TERRITORY.

The one and only. The Little King. The hype machine that embodies 816 to the fullest. You know the man. WYKERMANIA FOREVER!

ZALE! Starring in and filming/editing a skate video ain’t easy. Was this the first grind on FOE rail or was that Scott Bourne? Zale threw down for this video just like he does being a singer/songwriter for his band Dsoedean these days. Respect, bro.

The end. Great work Zale!