The core Linework crew returns, boosted by Kansas powerhouses JP Redmon and Keith Blair. Ulterior takes its name from the thought pattern running through every skater’s mind: Can I skate this? All obstacles, locations, anything really, contains an ulterior meaning, a greater purpose, if you will: to be a skate spot. This search is especially intense in small towns and cities where the built landscape is less diverse, the edges often rougher, than those of more urban landscapes. Highly influenced by 1999’s The Reason, Ulterior is 23 minutes of Kansas-spun skateboarding, doing its best to make a lot, or at least something, from a little. Featuring Derek Hadley, Luke Jensen, Travis Tyler, Jesse Jensen, Darin Linenberger, Keith Blair, and JP Redmon. Filmed and edited by Ben Schlitter. 23 minutes. 2001.