THROUGH BEING NICE was made by Aaron Chilen in 2004. Here are his words about it: Through VHS is pretty funny to watch these days. We were doing the same stupid shit every day (and every video) but it was always fun and never felt as repetitive as it really was. Malto was malto, not MALTO, so Ernie and Sierra were the ones generally blowing everyone’s minds with next level shit. Nick and Kenton had the most gangster part out to FOHI. People were still picking on Max, not the other way around and Clumsky was still in creative control, as you can tell by the intro song. Really, the intro is the best part…minimal skating, maximum Conan.

Fun Facts:
KC Psycho Bart has first trick
Hackel sucks at making metal paper airplanes
Clumsky is still repping the Bengals 12 years later
FOHI is from the dirty dot
The G in G CAM stands for gangster
Matt Poff gave Ernie daps after the tre flip down big slant

When asked about the video, the following responses were given…

“Justen Wright”
-James Benjamin Clumsky III

“Busy all day but I can get you some horse hockey this evening.”
-Maxwell James Chilen

“Slut fuck pounding, cum sploding explewsion, titty fucking good times. A feel good family movie.”
-The Hackel

“A bunch of young shit heads. Doing what shit heads do best. Being shit heads. Bring toilet paper.”
-Justin Daryl Hackel