“The Nicey Nice-Nice Project was a video born out of necessity and that need was to party at Jenny Kyle’s house. We had been filming a bunch of random stuff with no real purpose (ie: Lawrence park lines) and the various crews from around KC, Olathe and Lawrence were all in on it. Max and I met a ton of people through Mike Webb and Adamy Denny, and we all started hitting Lawrence Park on the regs. Friday nights you could usually count on an all star line up; Jerousek, JWright, Nick and at least a dozen other people I’m forgetting. If you were really lucky Derrick Cantrell would show up and kf bs tail the rail three times in a row, just sayin. Back to the vid, I’m just gonna assume it was Adam’s idea to make a video for the party, a premiere is always more fun than JUST getting drunk, right? He definitely named it though, after a bum in Lawrence who went by Mr. Nicey Nice-Nice. We played a super rough version of it at the party and sometime over the next few months it was cleaned up a bit and mastered onto VHS. This was the first video I ever put together so it was really fun to see a couple years worth of everyone’s lives in a 30 minute viewing. Considering every video I’ve made since then has taken longer and longer to come out (cough cough, Done) I really appreciate the lack of preparation for this one. Honestly though, what I appreciate most is the controversial Hackel shower scene, thanks for filming that one, Mike!”
-Aaron Chilen

There is just so much to say about Adam Denny. He’s the undisputed first Lawrence Skatepark-Ranger (meaning he spent a lot of time there and looked after it). Being a native Lawrencian, he was a true townie who spent his days with The Nish at Let it Ride, sitting on the bench made of skate decks, making up nicknames for people (Mateo’s was I.R. Baboon) while munching on Rudy’s Pizzeria dollar slices. For the record, he was called “Little A” because in his crew there was an older Adam dubbed “Big A.” I’ve got many fond memories of him and many, ahem, others… He was hilariously obnoxious (hey, every party needs a “naked guy,” right?), and could really push your buttons. He’s the incorrigible comic who would do anything for a friend. He’s since moved away and is happily married, but I feel he represents this town like no other, which is why Kenneth and I agreed his likeness would be great as the website logo. NOW, on to the FROG DANCE! Skateboarding, like anything else, can be ridiculous. Why must we go out at ungodly hours of the night and put ourselves in harms way to execute these practiced maneuvers down handrails just so? Sometimes I’d rather just watch a frog dance.

The only thing better than a Robin Harper or Sam Smith part is a Robin Harper AND Sam Smith part. Voice-over by Little A.

Nick Reynolds’ response when asked about the “Mad Max” intro: “It was totally random. He was killing the park rail like he was mad at it. And plus “Mad Max” is one sick movie. It wasn’t quite like the present days yet, where there are real young kids destroying it left and right, so I was always real hyped on Max and Kenton.”


“So I was asked to write an intro to this, and I was really nervous because I honestly didn’t remember a lot of it – my memory from those days is pretty fuzzy for some reason….. Well, after watching it the memories came flooding in – that trip to Columbia, MO was first. We were on campus there and I think within 5 minutes of each other French jumped into an outdoor pool fully clothed, scaring the shit out of some college kids and Kenton boardslid a curved 7 stair rail. Kenton is one of my favorite skaters, right up there w/ Busenitz – who has a cameo in this… We got busted that day at Wesco, as usual – and the cop didn’t believe Dennis when he said he was from Germany – he was grilling him on location specifics. We didn’t get a ticket. This was a fun video to be a part of and I feel very fortunate to have been part of such a great scene!” – Gabe Brummett


Man I love this song (“Hum” by The Sheila Divine). It starts out like this: “In my mouth there’s a hurricane – Just let it out! On the radio a bunch of fakes – Just shut them down!” That’s some powerful shit right there – especially for a kid who felt the only way he could really express himself was through skating and drumming in a band… when your throat clenches up at the very thought of saying your own name in public you can bet there’s a hurricane in your mouth at any given second. Anyway, I was a high school senior and a college freshman during this time (2000/2001). I had just moved to Lawrence – little did my mom know it was more so for the skate scene/spots… the education not so much. Centennial park was a Kansas skateboarding mecca of sorts, being the closest Western skatepark connection to KC with lights at the time besides maybe Salina. I met Mike Webb first, and through him all the other KC Let it Riders. They would come skate multiple nights a week, and on Friday we’d all go take over every house party in Lawrence, making it our own. Crazy times indeed… We were very lucky to have Aaron Chilen around to capture it all. John Niswonger ran the Let it Ride here, and as soon as I did that switch kickflip boardslide (which I didn’t do regular until years later by the way – that footage is just reversed) he asked me to be on the team. This got me sponsored by Arcade skateboards too. It was a very exciting time for me as you might imagine. Thanks for everything, John! And Aaron, you are the shit. Back then I didn’t realize the hard work behind making a video and I’m still in awe of your editing skills.

“The Nicey Nice-Nice Project, man those were some of the best times to think back on. I haven’t watched this video in years, and some what regrettably don’t own a copy, so this is going off of booze soaked memories and a choppy Vimeo refresh. Mike-alac Webbskalade, Rough Mike, or my personal favorite, Mikewebb (all one word), has been one of my best friends for 15 years now and has always been very adamant and successful with what he’s interested in. Skateboarding was no different. The part is shared with a lot of homies, which is suiting. The song is “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot and my ass is notoriously large, so that’s why I’m in there. Other cameos include, Quoc (what happened to that guy?) Nguyen, little a of course, Steve (I’m a principle now) Palmerin, Bray (I used to look like Andrew Reynolds kinda) Mckelvy, Paul (I might be on acid) Orth, Justen (the funniest man alive) Wright, Jason (every girl ever had a crush on) Jerousek, Captain Khaki Corduroy’s identity will never be revealed, Ben (Terminator of skateboarding and shitty liquor) Clumpsky, JP (fully ripping) Redmon, Jeremy (I can do anything on a skateboard) Raab, Brent (not Brad) Bruders, Dan (was old even back then) Askew, and Jenny (I should have at least made out with you) Kyle. Um, I’m sure Mikewebb worked hard for this footage and is still proud of it. Fuck yeah. I can’t remember but I thought Mikewebb switch 180’d over the Barney 8 rail in this vid, apparently not. He did fuck it up though, which is tight. I remember more clearly/fondly the antics that took place while the footage was being accumulated. I’m not going to embarrass Mikewebb on the internets, but I really enjoyed torturing the shit out of him during these years. Not to get too nitty gritty, but one Halloween I might of convinced some people to strip him completely nekid at a house party and I may or may not have lit his boxers on fire in the street and smashed his girlfriends roommates pumpkins? That was fun. Mikewebb had the kudagra though, and A. Chills kindly edited that in at the end of the vid. Man those were great fuckin times. I love you Mikewebb.”
– Justin Hackel

“I’ve known Nick since we were kids and I know he’s always been pretty humble so I’m gonna keep this short and just let his skating do the talking. That’s how Nick’s always done it.” – Matt Kresyman


Weezer, Al Green, Modest Mouse. Extras and antics. Slams, thugs and hugs… everything you’d want to see (well maybe not Hackel’s infamous shower scene) to go along with the credits – including Busenitz nollie flipping the old Wescoe 9. This video is an LFK classic. Thanks Aaron.