This is Let it Ride skateshop’s first video. Fuck that, this is Kansas City’s first skate video as far as I’m concerned. Mike Webb introduced me to it and I was blown away. These dudes were/are so damn tech! It was put out in 1997 and features local powerhouses such as Shawn Boyles, Jeremy Patton, Steve Irons, Rick LaHue, Jon Collins, Scott Wingate, Buddy Poje, Adam Brauer, and Sam Dutzel.

Let it Ride was rad. The owners, Drew Dieterich and Mike Vasos (RIP) also produced this video. It was directed/filmed/edited by Mark Terranova and Dave Temple, with Ian Tobin providing extra footage.

Travis Nohe, Ian Tobin, Mike Wexler, Mike Liens, and other Let it Ride dudes. Oh yeah, Tony Hawk, Willy Santos, Andrew Reynolds and Heath Kirchart too.

…and ending credits. Such a great video! Made by Mark Terranova, Dave Temple, and Ian Tobin. Produced by Drew Dieterich and Mike Vasos.