“Before you and your insignificant little buddies sit down and prepare for this presentation that you think will be bubbling over with ground breaking new footage, take a minute to realize that you’ve been mistaken. None of what you are about to see is new, or particularly groundbreaking for that matter. However, all the footage you are about to see is harshly dated and is not to be taken seriously for any reason other than nostalgia. There were no obligations, specifications, or requirements for the tricks in this video, to be put in this video. Filming skills alike. So don’t be disappointed when its content doesn’t match up to your criteria. Just be glad that you have had the opportunity to view this wonderfully composed collaboration of interstellar skateboarding that is…….” – Silent Partners.

Switch f/s flip with an extra body varial? Matt Crazyman.

Jenny Who and Little Brittney were not afraid of handrails.

Sickness! So many good things in here. A must watch. Starts with a sweet montage section, then goes into a gnarly slam section featuring TC Ripper’s Centennial skatepark stairs ollie and Jeremy’s infamous dome crack, which leads us into Jeremy’s part featuring shenanigans and technical wizardry.

Nick Reynolds’ part is incredible. Did you see that switch front board on the blue ledge? Oh and did you see Max throw that guys basketball over the fence? What a dick!

British invasion! The Rowley/Glifberg footage is from a Volcom demo at the Centennial skatepark in Lawrence, KS in 1997(?) and the Tom Penny/Geoff Rowley footage is from 1994 at a Let it Ride demo in Parkville, MO. This is very worth a watch! It was filmed and edited by Jeremy Raab and Ryan Ward. Check out Jeremy’s Vimeo page – TheConglomo. Thanks to Jeremy Raab and Ryan Ward for making Memorabilia Obscura and allowing me to share it with you.
-JP Redmon