Lost and Found section.  Had to do it.  Why?  Watch these video parts right here.  There’s your answer.

“In truth I never made a sponsor me tape. And all the video footage that is out there is just by chance that I was there. I had a few shops around town that gave me free stuff as long as I told kids to go there, and that was enough… I ended up on the Let It Ride team somehow for a while and went to a few demos before I let them know I really wasn’t into getting sponsored, I gave all the free stuff to my little brother. ….I know that a lot of this stuff was filmed at the Joplin skate park that Scott Walters owned. Matt Kresyman filmed the Memorabilia Obscura stuff I was in. Most of this footage is from that time. The other stuff at OP was just leftovers from another shoot he was doing…so in all he just said …Hey I threw together some tricks you did, do you want it? Well of course I do!!! The music was a band called Small23 out of NC, I met them a long time ago. And yea I was in TV FIFTY. Fun times…”
-BJ West


This could possibly be the most epic LFK video of all time… Made by Stephen Sabo and Cole Wyatt. Make sure and watch Shilo Thompson’s complete annihilation of all things Wescoe at the end.

Jolly Rotten is a coming of age story about a group of young shredders looking for answers. Filmed and edited by Craig Stucky and Brent Mowery. This video shows what it was like to have a fresh drivers license in a town with one skatepark where everyone met on a daily basis. Tape courtesy of John Niswonger.