“I grew up in South Dakota and was lucky enough to be part of an awesome crew.  We called ourselves the “Tuff Custormers.”  We did road trips, put out vids and had local premieres at the cheap theatre.  It was the best.  Most everyone I know and most of the things I have done have come to me through art and skateboarding and I feel pretty damn good about that.  In 2007 I moved to Kansas for school and was lucky enough to find the great group of skaters that inhabit this place.  These are the first skate photos I’ve shown.  Enjoi.”

605 / 785 – Nicholas Ward


Dirty Al – b/s smith grind

Squeaky clean and looking mean.


Dave Campbell – f/s air

Maybe you’ve heard of Santa Cruz? Well Dave certainly has – he used to skate for them before you were even a glimmer in the mailman’s eye


Gordon Durlin- b/s lipslide

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light? Gordon has.


Cody McBee – fakie kickflip tailslide

Putting the special sauce on a hot slice of marble-loaf.


Joe James – kickflip

Organically grown, fairly traded and locally procured.


Joe James – f/s flip

Straight from the Falcon-cam or maybe a drone, either way Joe James put this hammer down so hard he snapped his nose and still rode away.


Jared Smith – gap to front lip

Third times a charm but Jared wouldn’t know. He bagged this gap to front lip second T.


Jared Smith – b/s heelflip

K-10 gap didn’t stick around long enough for J-money to land this banger but let’s not hold it against him.


Jared Smith – f/s tailslide

I hit up Jared at noon and asked if he was down to shoot a photo in the snow. Here’s his answer at 2pm.


JP Redmon – feeble

“Au Naturale”


JP Redmon – gap to f/s smith grind

After 20 min. of searching for a plug-in we finally set the scene for this textbook smith.


JP Redmon – blunt transfer

The present comes to us through a long and barbarous toil, a history painfully tread. Twinkle toes on the barrier between now and then.


JP Redmon – b/s kickflip

We’ve all experienced snakes but who among us has rolled with the sharks? Tip o’ the hat to Keelin Austin.


Cole Wyatt – f/s shuvit

The jump from 7.75 to 8.5 can feel like a real game changer.


Cole Wyatt – f/s smith grind

This one is still for the taking. Smith grind on layaway.


Addison Toelkes – f/s tailside

Bump and a jump to tail, no big deal for Dr. Toelkes.


Addison Toelkes

You can’t see it but the other side of that wall promises a 20 foot drop. This f/s blunt is no joke.