Interview with Chief Lensman Ryan Lovell


How long did it take to make Red and Yellow?

About 3 years.  After 14 Deep came out in 2008 it was about a year before we
really started working on the new video.

What was the most memorable trip for the vid?

It’s hard to pick just one but the last two trips to Atlanta and then Austin
were both amazing.  We won Street League’s “shop league” contest so we were able to
afford to rent a van and get hotel rooms on those trips, making it possible
for everyone to go.  Both of those cities are super fun to skate.

What would you say is the one clip that took the most effort to get?

Rod‘s last trick at Penn Valley for sure.  The nollie 180 then switch bs 180.
We probably went there 6 or 7 times and every time he would stick it within
5 or 10 minutes but we would get kicked out right after.  We got kicked out
in 5 minutes on Christmas eve.

That line was so sick.  What Escapist team rider broke themselves off the
hardest filming for Red and Yellow?

Dag and Jwhite probably.  Those dudes really went for it.

How many tries did it take you to get that long-ass no-comply fakie manny?

Haha.  That probably took 30 minutes that night but i’d been there probably
5 times before trying it and got kicked out super quick every time.

Haha nice.  Do you have any secret left-over Energy Park footage?  Who knew such a legendary spot would get torn down out of the blue like that…

Yea that sucks!  I don’t think I’ve really got much that hasn’t been used but
I do have a ton of stuff that’s made it in videos over the years.

Speaking of getting kicked out of spots, what’s the one spot that you’d
recommend kids NOT try to go to if they don’t want to get arrested?  And on the same note, any spots that surprisingly aren’t a bust lately?

Don’t ever go skate that green out rail Jwhite did fsboard to hurricane on.
We went there last year and I got tackled to the ground by some gnarly
skinhead security guard and then got 2 years of unsupervised probation.  As
far as spots that haven’t been a bust we had a good 2 week run at Barney
where one security guard would let us skate until he heard the other guards
call it in on the radio and then he would call me and tell us to leave.
That’s how Malto got his last trick.

Hahaha that’s so awesome!  So you’re working on an intro video for Jesse
Doan?  When can we expect to see that?

The Jesse part will probably be done around November.  It’s a team montage
featuring Jesse.

Nice!  So what’s next on the horizon for you?  After making two incredible
videos for the most widely known core shop in the world (in my opinion), I bet good things are
in store!

Haha I hope man!  I’m moving to California and am gonna
see what skating on the west coast is all about.  Should be fun!

Cool, man.  You think Escapist will be alright without your team-managing skills?  

Oh yea Escapist will be just fine!

I’m certain of it. Thanks, Ryan.

Interview with Masterful Lensman Doug Gerhardt

a.k.a. Doug Mom, Doug E. Fresh, The Fucking Man 


How many vx1000‘s did you guys go through making this thing?

I know Lovell went thru 2 vx’s.  Max broke off the mic on a
boardslide to fakie on this long kink rail by Swope Park.  I’m pretty
sure it was the vx he was using during and after 14 Deep, tright
before the first Atlanta trip on the making of Red and Yellow.  The
first trip to Atlanta wasn’t even to film for the video really.  Ryan
came back with enough footage to declare the beginning of a second
video.  After many problems with that camera, Ryan finished the video
with Dan Askew’s vx.  Dan kept that camera in mint condish, Ryan was
really stoked on that camera.

My vx2000 broke during the Slap/Fatback trip to KC years ago.  It was
the trip where Arto, Omar, and Tyler Bledsoe got a bunch of tricks in
the midwest for MindField. (Arto boardslide Wyandotte High, and the
tricks he and Omar got at the crackhead hubba).
Shortly after that i bought a vx1000.  It was a Japanese model with
English titles.  It’s cheaper buying a Japanese version than buying the
English ones.  The buttons are all the same and the shutter speed
numbers show up in English as well.  It was the best one ever for me.
Rod knocked the lens off on the stage gap that Sierra nollie flipped.
That was the only problem I had with that camera durring the 2.5 years
of shredding it captured.  During the 3-4 years it took to make R&Y,
Lovell was doing a lot of trips with Gatorade, Etnies, and
Girl/Chocolate.  I decided it would be a wise investment to double down
on cameras since he’s gonna be gone every now and then.  HD just started
blowing up at the time.  Stay Gold, and Bonus Round really made me
realize that vx will never die if its done well, and HD cameras were
$3000 or more.  I bought my second vx1000 two weeks before I went to
Denver for the premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Colorado but the
time code on the new refurbished vx was acting really weird and not
capturing tricks when it was recording.  That’s where I lucked out on
having two vx’s at all times.  Anything you see tripod in “Dougle-angles”
was with the japanese vx.  My newer vx was blowing it during those
tricks. (David Reyes ollie into bank, Tyshuan fs 5-0 Penbroke outrail,
probably more tricks, I cant remember).  The back-focus needed to be
adjusted for a while too on the new vx.  Being without a camera around
that time would have been God-awful, that was another reason to have
two.  Everyone was so motivated for the video too.  Without their
motivation and skill, I wouldn’t have been able to make 45 minutes of bonus.

What’s with the “Black Ice days” at the DONE house?

The DONE house was a complete trip.  Those were tough times sometimes.  Black ice was cheap and a guaranteed way to rage.  I just recently told Jayme Barajas “I was once like you…”  We all learned so much about living on your own and drinking alcohol when we lived there….. Tanner Greene and Patrick Rivera……. not so much.

Interview with Photo-Wolf Ben Hlavacek

Questions by Doug


Ya got any nicknames?

Wolfman, Hot Lava, Mommachick.

Since you’re a complete wrecking ball on a skateboard, what’s been your gnarliest slam to date?

Definitely breaking my hand and smashing my ear/head on that ledge in OP. Not a good time.  My hand and ear swelled up double in size and my ear was black and purple. Glad you filmed it Doug. My body gets into some pretty weird shapes in the footage.  That was the first time I’ve ever broken anything in my life, so that was a good experience… I guess.

What was the hardest trick to shoot in the streets?

Gotta be Josh White’s ender nollie inward heel. Only hard because the trick was so hard.  It was down in austin, and we had to go there three different times, I think. He wanted that trick so bad, and it ended up being the last spot we could skate on the trip. The light was going down and you could just tell he was going to be devastated to not get it. I had shot a still I was really psyched on the second day we went there, so I really wanted him to get it for that photo to work.  My heart stopped when he hit the curb, and then there was a huge wave of relief when it was apparent he was fully rolling away. I can’t imagine what that felt like for him.

Are you gonna start filming more now that the new DSLR’s are recording full HD?

Well, I got into trying to learn how to use the video function of my camera when I first got it, but it’s just hard to do both things. If there are other people that want to film, then I’d rather shoot photos anway. I have been filming random clips though, maybe just for some little edits or HDuck??

What n.b.d. would you try down the UMKC double set?

I’d try to pop a nollie and then break the bottom half of the set with a full force body slam.  Is boardslide abd?  Oh, and Gordon Durlin and I were talking the other night about how if you have a beard, you can do any trick that has been done by a person without a beard, and it counts as an nbd, so that opens up a lot of options. It doesn’t work the other way around though. If a trick is done while sporting a beard, then it can’t be topped by a non-bearded skater. The beard is the trump card.

True or false…. were you the first to blow chunks all over the done house?

That house had it coming…

What’s your favorite part in Shake Junt’s “Chicken bone?”

Umm… Beagle’s?? I don’t know if I’ve even seen all of the parts in that video. That video is hard to watch man.

Who’s gonna get skater of the year?

Ryan Lovell for his no-comply 180 fakie manuals and switch inward heels. 

KC area skater of the year?? 

There’s a lot of contenders. Brohouse for his dedication to slamming (his body and beers), Joel for the barn bowl, JP for Hermann’s hole (should get skater of the decade), Jeff Rasp for building and RIPPING, Ryan Pearce for everything about him, Bill Murray for being RP’s dog, Rod Harper for riding a bike everywhere, Gordon Durlin for wallies, Joel Esch for joining the circus, Drew Paussa (where the hell is your part??) for the Shuffle, Joe James because I said so, and shit, give Alex Carter 3 years and there’ll be no competition. Wait, scratch that whole list. Tie between Jake Temple and Tanner Greene.

Alex Carter or Jesse Doan?

Nick Gibson over both of em. Um, Jesse’s a maniac. He’s unpredictable and scares the hell outta me. You gotta be on your toes, or next thing you know you’re in a life threatening situation. Alex is more on that mellow kick, although he goes a little crazy when the time is right. Both of them are the raddest. So glad they came up and started an Arkansas connection.

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