I started this site in 2012 as a way to re-release and archive some local skate videos (VHS era) that I thought were rad. I’ve also managed to come out with new videos and articles of my own. It’s always been a collaboration with everyone. And it’s always been a pleasure! I live in Lawrence, KS. KC and the surrounding area has a rich history involving legendary skaters, videographersphotographers, ramp builders, artists, and musicians. HEEEPS was super fun, especially when seeing things through the eyes of the one and only Wyke-a-pediA (Tom Wyker of 816 skateboards fame). Posts don’t come as frequently these days, but there are many awesome things on this site that I hope people still delve into. Here is the intro video for the website: OperationHEEEPScrime: Revolution Calling!


-JP Redmon (2019)

Shoutout to Garrett Rathbone for the website tips!